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Darwin Shen: Photos


One of my favorite concerts.  Here with the pianist Miki Aoki in 2000.  It was our first concert together and we have remained good friends ever since!
Here Miki Aoki and I again several years later after a performance.  We have joked that this looks like a portrait from Valentine's Day.
Thanksgiving - here I am playing for my meal
with my good friend, and former rival
after a long layoff (note the tan) I return to performing.
Playing with Kristin Graves at her new CD release party.   I'd do the gig again just for the guacamole
The most nervous I have ever been.  Performing with a real orchestra of professionals from New York.  My explanation of nerves was because everybody in the violin section, knew the piece better than I did!
with my teacher Yuval Waldman during a break in rehearsal
(left to right) Pete Roe, Michael "Mac" Cooney, Monica Attell Fitzgerald and me.  Red Ties mean that this was Christmas.  If we look bleary, it is because we have played like 4 or 5 masses armed with only sugar and caffeine!
with my dear friend the wonderful soprano Krista Adams Santilli

Promo Pics

photo by Kristin Rasich Fox
photo by Kristin Rasich Fox
do you remember when promo pictures HAD to be in black and white?

The Lighter Side

During a break from performing, Darwin takes on another challenge
one of my favorite lines from A Christmas Story:  Fa ra ra ra RAH ra ra ra RAAAAAAA
Not sure why I am wearing the sunglasses indoors (humming "I wear my sunglasses at night"
Yes, I AM a Mets fan.  I do always have that horrible sinking feeling every season though
As Nero playing for the American Guild of Organists annual Pipescreams Benefit Concert.
The Manhattanville History Department Alumni BBQ.  Perhaps the best motto of any college organization
During a performance that has gone horribly wrong, I decide that only one thing can save this....LADY OF SPAIN!
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