A most painful of new years resolutions

It is a new year.  I sit at my computer with my violin in the corner and my viola on the table.  I think that nobody would believe that I was playing the viola.


Yes, in 2011 I started performing on the viola.  I thought it was time to branch out and expand my horizons.  Not to mention the fact that the viola is just plain easy.  Don’t believe what they tell you.  The viola literature can be sight read in an afternoon.  If anyone debates you tell them that a third of their rep is arranged from the violin, a third is arranged from the cello and the rest is unfortunately “ORIGINALLY” for viola.


Harold in Italy was written for the violinist Niccolo Paganini.  Upon seeing the music he complained there was nothing for him to do.  Yes, the viola jokes started early.  Upon being told that I was playing the viola, a friend commented, “does that mean your IQ drops 50 points when you hold it?”  I don’t think it does, but the honest truth is that playing the viola DOES slow you down.  Physically you have to move the bow differently so when you come back to the violin it all feels different.  Do I mind it?  No, I like the viola because it gives me an excuse to play the cello pieces I have loved for so long. 


So I thought that I would actually have a new years resolution that really hurt.  You know because resolutions like being neater or exercising are things that I really should do…..but one that actually that would be hard? 


I will avoid making fun of the viola, especially since I play one now myself!

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