Heifetz, Irving Berlin and Me.

I spent the better part of December working on a project.  I had started the project last year but there is nothing like a deadline to get something done.  And Christmas was my deadline.  

Years ago Jascha Heifetz recorded White…


The Demise of the Video Store

The demise of the video store.

Over the last couple of weeks, one of my favorite haunts has been have a closing sale.  Media Wave in Fairfield is closing its doors.  The owner Paul is someone who I have known…


a return to writing

I used to write a lot but once it got to be popular to pollute the internet with ones own shortcomings in prose, I decided to stop.  The sum total of my writing became my short spurts of outrage or…


A most painful of new years resolutions

It is a new year.  I sit at my computer with my violin in the corner and my viola on the table.  I think that nobody would believe that I was playing the viola.


Yes, in 2011 I started performing…